Saturday, January 16, 2010

Squirrel: The other white meat?

Godzilla: The other black magic?

(((Godzilla)))Squirrel: The other white meat?
ONLY if they're bad... bad squirrel is good... lolSquirrel: The other white meat?
they are noisy buggers - but good eats .
Thats is surprisingly some good eating. Tastes like chicken.

Leave them alone!

*dives in front of ';bad squirrel, bad';*
I've actually had squirrel, but I only eat good ones

Bad ones are stringy and tough
Nah...Squirrel as I remember it is nasty. Kinda tasted like it had soaked in walnut hulls. How about rabbit instead, especially with onion soup and sour cream sauce...

Delicious with a tall glass of Prune Juice, the drink of warriors.
I always thought they were red meat
The last time I heard someone say that, I was in Kentucky.

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