Saturday, January 16, 2010

I was wondering if I could have a white squirrel as a pet.?

If so, where can I get it? And what do they eat?I was wondering if I could have a white squirrel as a pet.?
First, you would have to find out if you can legally keep squirrels - of any color - as a pet in your state. You can check here:鈥?/a>

If you find that pet squirrels are legal in your state, you would need to check with your county and municipality, because many individual counties and municipalities restrict the ownership of animals that are otherwise legal in the state.

Then you would need to find a USDA licensed breeder, because it is illegal in almost every state to capture wild animals and keep them as pets.

Unfortunately, I know of no USDA breeder of squirrels that raises white squirrels.I was wondering if I could have a white squirrel as a pet.?
It's okay with me, but you need to bear in mind that squirrels don't make very good pets, so your family probably won't enjoy your new companion as much as you do.
Flying squirrels make nice pets, but your average tree squirrel is a nasty little critter. Trust me; I've handled plenty in my work. Don't know where you could get a white one, but you can dye them. Seriously. There is a dye used by wild animal researchers so they can identify individuals in their natural habitat.

Most squirrels eat nuts, seeds, fruit, insects, green vegetable matter (leaves, stalks), hypogeous (underground) fungi, bird eggs, other rodents, and fig newtons.
Probably not, at least it's not a good idea. Squirrels haven't been bred to be domesticated like other animals.

I know people who have raised squirrels, but even the owners keep in mind that the animals aren't really pets and can be highly unpredictable and treat them as such.

Where would you find a white one? I've no idea, but there are some colonies of albino squirrels that are protected (if not by law, by people who just like them). There are some non-albino squirrels (they're more of a cream color) in a few regions in the US.
No. The only white squirrels available are wild. Most states protect species from those that capture, keep and sell them. Fact is now a days almost all wildlife is protected, except for the exotic non-native or pest species. Some cities also protect their wildlife, especially something like a white squirrel.鈥?/a>

Leave the wild to the wild.

Albinos are very rare. Most white mammals are a white color phase.

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