Saturday, January 16, 2010

Black and white squirrel.?

i heard that black squirrels are just a rare kind of gray squirrels and that i would find them with grays. then does this mean that you would find white(not albino) squirrels with red squirrels? i really need to know this! i will give best answers!!!!!Black and white squirrel.?
Black and White squirrels are actually skunks.Black and white squirrel.?
Yes, they are a variety of grey squirrel.

';Black squirrels are a melanistic subgroup of the eastern grey squirrel. They are common in Midwestern North America and, in some places, outnumber the grey squirrels by a ratio of about ten to one.';

They are not skunks but similar in appearance.

';The black squirrels of Kent are larger than typical grey squirrels,often nearing the size of the fox squirrel and easily mistaken for small skunks.';
Fox squirrels are either black or sometimes a white color. They live mainly in pines while the gray lives mainly in oaks, pecans, etc. They usually don't live and mingle with the grays.
I've herd of black squirrels but have never seen one but white squirrels I thank are in the gray family as well. Kenton TN had quite a few white ones running around years ago
Black and White squirrels are skunks

no you would not find white squirrels with red ones
I think you're getting confused with a skunk...
a black and white squirrel is a skunk.
I think you saw a tiny Zebra.
Its a SKUNK man !

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