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Are white squirrels rare in the UK?

Just wondering if they are rare as we have about 3 white squirrels in our garden along with 3 brown squirrels.Are white squirrels rare in the UK?
The white squirrel is an albino grey squirrel, they seem to be becoming more common. We do not have any red squirrels in Kent, just an abundance of greys.

The odds against a pure white squirrel being born are 1 in 100,000. Albinism is due to gene mutations that affect the production of pigmentation. True albino animals lack melanin and are white with no markings and with unpigmented pink eyes. In some species there is also a form known as blue-eyed (or partial) albinism. Squirrels, white or otherwise, do not make good pets and it is illegal under the terms of the Wildlife and Countryside Act to take any animal from the wild without meaning to return it once fit. White squirrels in the UK, although rare, often live in small albino colonies, so if you see one, the chances are there are others nearby. As white squirrels are true albinos, they do not see or hear as well as other squirrels. This makes them easier for predators, to catch and kill. Dogs, cats, foxes and birds of prey are all likely to harm white squirrels. A baby squirrel weighs approximately one ounce at birth, and is about one inch long. They do not have hair or teeth, and are virtually blind for the first six to eight weeks. It is possible to find melanistic (black) squirrels in the UK as well, but these along with the albino variety are rare. In Illinois, USA there is a State Law which says it is unlawful for any person to take white squirrels in the state at any time. Hope this helps!Are white squirrels rare in the UK?
They are got a 50/50 split thats unusual as albino's are rare.
wow, there r actually white squirrels..thts cool!
im from scotland and iv never seen one.
I've only ever seen one white squirrel which I assumed was an albino. I've also seen a black squirrel.
maybe yes...i am in ENGLAND too
They are rare because they are usually easy pickins for predators.
Very rare; I see lots of grey squirrels but I've never seen an albino. They are probably related, perhaps from the same litter. The species is grey squirrel, even though they often brownish, so you have white grey squirrels in your garden.

Unfortunately, although they are beautiful creatures, they have destroyed the habitat of the native red squirrel in most of the country. Red squirrels are now rare outside of Scotland and north west England.
They certainly should be rare, taking into account the numbers I have shot and eaten over the last few years. I'm also in Kent. Would you like me to come round and eradicate your white squirrels for you? Tastes like chicken.
i have never heard of such a thing, are you in England?

yes, that is cool, and rare ! even brown squirrel are not as common as the common grey. we only have grey in the northwest of England
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