Saturday, January 16, 2010

Are there white squirrels in Georgia?

We have captured several pictures of either a white or albino squirrel on our game cameras. Have never seen them before until recently. Are these real or is someone playing a prank?Are there white squirrels in Georgia?
You say that you have captured images, so the white squirrel must be real. Albinism (lack of pigmentation) affects many different species. So it's definitely possible that what you've seen is an albino squirrel. They *have* been spotted in Georgia before.鈥?/a>Are there white squirrels in Georgia?
I doubt there are ';white'; squirrels. They'd be too easy for a predator to catch.

Albino is a good reason. Albinism is common in all animal species.
They're real. A lot of different animal species will occasionally produce an albino specimen.

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