Saturday, January 16, 2010

Has anyone seen a grey squirrel with solid white ears?

No this is not a joke. I have many bird and actually enjoy the antics of the tree rats. I have fox squirrel and greys. Last several years some the greys have solid white ears and larger then most greys. Asked our local Ag. Agent and many wildlife buffs. I did online seaches also too with no answers. One know it all farmer thought they were wanna be albino squirrels.

We enjoy these white eared tree rats and feed them. Does anyone have any info about them?Has anyone seen a grey squirrel with solid white ears?
It is just a color variation.It would be considered to be a partial albino.There are solid white albino squirrels near Chicago.I get a lot of black ones,and black ones with brown tails and paws.A friend of mine saw an all-white one once,and years ago,we had a chocolate -brown one and a red one(and it was a grey squirrel,it was just red in color,and very large as well).Has anyone seen a grey squirrel with solid white ears?
Thanks for the points! I have at least ten squirrels who come to eat from my bird-feeders everyday.They are all different -looking,and have huge appetites!

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i have been trying to find out about the white eared squirrels also, i live in Louisiana, and seem to have a whole community of them living in the trees in my yard. They are too cute!!!

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Thats cute. Bring out your digital camera and post it as your ';picture';
The ones in my yard have white ears. We also have solid black squirrels here in MA., USA
i have about 5 in the yard tree and we feed them peanuts and sometimes bread crumbs/pieces
My friends family from Tennessee eats them all the time...says taste taste like chicken!
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