Saturday, January 16, 2010

Are white squirrels rare?

I have a ton of white squirrels in our backyard i use to not see any at all but they are tons now. It use to be like oh my god look a white squirrel but its just normal now. Its nothing new to me or my family but are they rare? I live in ohio by the way.Are white squirrels rare?
thats pretty cool actually. I have never seen an all white one. Now we have had some that were brown or gray that their tails went from brown at the base and faded to white. Also have some black squirrels, but never seen a white one. Up in Wisconsin there is about 500 white whitetail deer. They are naturally bred that way. I dominant gene takes over for albinism.Are white squirrels rare?
There is, in fact, one tree squirrel for which a white coat seems to be a characteristic of the entire species. Its an Oriental Tree Squirrel with the scientific name Callosciurus finlaysoni (Callosciurus translates as ';beautiful squirrel';) found in Thailand and other parts of South East Asia. So if you sighted a white squirrel here in North America outside of captivity, its almost certainly a color variant of one of our many native species of the genus Sciurus; in my neighborhood, that would be the Eastern Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis). Most of what follows will be in reference to that species but white coated Fox Squirrels and Red Squirrels have been sighted, as well.
The previous answers already touch on the fact that you've very likely got a local population of albino Grey Squirrels. What's interesting is that there are places in the eastern US where there are local populations of melanistic (black) Grey Squirrels that have been established for many decades. Genetics is cool!
yes white squirrels are very rare. There breed is not though, they are probably just the common squirrel but albino. Every species has an albino race. You probably just got lucky and had to albino squirrels that cary the albino gene and they had little baby squirrels.
Yes, very!!! At least in my part of the country!!!

I didn't know that there were lots of them anywhere, though!!! Good deal!!!

Thanks for sharing that!!! Enjoy them!!!
Aww a little albino family! cute!

yes albinos (white coat/skin) of any species are rare, if you're seeing more than one then the chances are they are all related and breeding so passing on the gene for albinism.
I never saw a white one in my life.
no not at all

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