Saturday, January 16, 2010

Red or white wine, with squirrel meat?

red for sure

we had that the other night


*blink blink*Red or white wine, with squirrel meat?
if you are seriously eating squirrel, then the only appropriate wine is Richard's Wild Irish Rose

it is the perfect accompaniment to possum and raccoon too

then i'd recommend some Boone's Farm as an after-dinner wineRed or white wine, with squirrel meat?
Squirrel meat = red meat

red meat = red wine

answer = red wine
Depends on if you shot the squirrel with a pellet gun or accidentally caught it in a rat trap.
be on the safe side pick a good chardonay it goes with red or white meat, not sweet, not dry. how can you go wrong its squirret meat. EEEEDOGGIES
i would go with white, because i personally think squirrel meat is a little bit dry and i would like to sweeten it up!
Any Redneck beer will do (use the squirrel gun barrel for a straw).
definitely red
Beaujolais for me, thank you.
RED! I'd go with either a Merlot or a nice Shiraz
something with a screw on cap.

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