Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dead squirrels with white bumps?

In my backyard pond, i found 2 dead squirrels and 1 dead chipmunk! The pond is small, about 5x5 and 2 feet tall. One of the squirrels had big white lumps all over him! The other squirrel had a few bumps, but not even close to as many as the other one. The chipmunk didn't even have any on him! but what i was wondering, was why were the squirrels and chipmunk in there anyway, and why did the one have lumps all over him? There was a tree above it, so they may have fallen from there, but why was there suddenly 3 dead animals in my pond?! Animal experts out there, please tell me!Dead squirrels with white bumps?
I have no clue why the chipmunk was in there.

From what you describe, its possible that the squirrels had Squirrel Fibroma Virus or Squirrel Pox. I guess it could kill them (and then they just fall into the water) or could render them unable to see depending on the location of the fibromas (tumors) then they fell in. Check out the site and compare the pictures!Dead squirrels with white bumps?
I would definetly get somebody to check that out!They could be carring harmful even deadly viruses...get someone on that immediatly!

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