Monday, January 4, 2010

How did great-white sharks and red-backed squirrel monkeys become extinct?

No need for any other information besides how they became extinct.

How can we prevent this from happening as sixth or first grade students,

and what are we doing to currently protect them?How did great-white sharks and red-backed squirrel monkeys become extinct?
Neither of those species is extinct. Not sure where you're getting your information from. Red-backed squirrel monkeys were on the endangered species list, mainly because of deforestation (also hunting and the pet trade contributed to declining numbers), but last year they were upgraded to vulnerable, meaning their wild numbers are improving. There is currently a population of these squirrel monkeys at the zoo I worked at, as well as many other zoos.How did great-white sharks and red-backed squirrel monkeys become extinct?
Um... They are endangered... not extinct... first of all!

Every one thinks that great white sharks are vicious

man eating animals (thanks to the movie jaws!)

so people try to kill sharks. Also

another thing is millions of sharks get finned each

year! Sharks also get caught in nets around beaches

and choke. This is very bad because if great white

sharks go extinct then the entire sea food chain collapses!

Currently we are doing nothing to help save sharks but

further killing them! You could start an organization that raises

awareness of this!
the red squirrels arnt yet extinct

but there has been things set up, to help protect the red squirrels by providing them with living environments

they are being killed by the american grey squirrels coming over here, the red ones are origionaly english

and the red ones dont fight, because they dont need to fight for their food, whearas the grey ones did so they fight with the red ones and kill them

so people did want to kill off a few grey squirrels but now theyve decided against that and decided to provide better living conditions for the red ones
Don't know much about the monkey, but Great Whites are not extinct. They are endangered. No laws protect them here in the USA. Only a handful of countries have protection laws. Australia and South Africa are the only two I can think of off the top of my head. I guess just write your congress representative is about the only thing you can do.
is this a serious question?

they are not extinct

and grey squirrels do not attack red squirrels either ..they are larger and may chase them but the thing that kills the red is a diseaese that is carried by the greys that is fatal to red squirrels when they catch it are talking complete nonsense
Neither of those animals are extinct...
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