Saturday, January 16, 2010

Has anyone ever seen a white squirrel?

Hi Charlie...they are not as common, but they certainly do exists. Here are bunch of photos of white squirrels and stories if you click on the images:;q=鈥?/a>Has anyone ever seen a white squirrel?
No white squirrels, but, I've saw a white skunk once.

In Amherst MA there is quite a population of black squirrels.Has anyone ever seen a white squirrel?
I have never seen a white squirrel, but there are a family of pitch black squirrels that live in my town in N. IL
They are all over in Ottawa...Along with black ones and ';calico';

Note: not albino since they do not have pink eyes.....True white

Here are some links鈥?/a>鈥?/a>
I saw a white squirrel one time. I was sitting in the visiting area of the park at the mental institution where I used to live, I was just out there getting some fresh air, but they said I still had to keep my straightjacket on.

The doctors had just given me my daily medication, and they forgot to feed me afterward. Most of the medication I take has to be taken with food, they say it will produce a strange side effect, but I never believe them.

The white squirrel I saw was almost four feet high, it was smoking a pipe, and was wearing a Mets cap.

This squirrel told me I was going to win the Lottery, he said his name is Charly, but everyone calls him Chuck.

I also passed out and threw up that same day for some reason.
Yes, there was a family of them in my grandparents' backyard (Ohio).
yes, white squirrels are not that uncommon. There is a town somewhere that's full of them, but I can't remember where it is

I found it!!

If you want to ';Go Nuts!'; then Brevard, North Carolina is the place to do it. The City of Brevard, The Heart of Brevard, The Tourist Development Association and local merchants have all teamed up to celebrate the furry little critters that scurry through our downtown, parks and local college campus... the famous White Squirrels of Brevard. So we invite you to spend a few days with us and take a walking tour to see and possibly even photograph a White Squirrel for yourself.

Yes, I have seen some.We live near a zoo in WI. They have exotic wildlife. There is a white one that lives there on the sanctuary. Cute, huh? : )
never in my life
On the news recently an albino squirrel was sighted.
Of course! All the time! I run a white squirrel tree farm.
Yup, they are called albino, and there are occurrences of this in most mammals.
There are albino squireels that happen once in a very great while and a breed that is mostly white. You can look them up online.
No. Have you?
Not in the wild... I did see one at a zoo.
I have never heard of a white squirrel before, but if I saw one I would be afraid of it
many times
yes, we have them in South Georgia. They are called Fox Squirrels. They are all different colors. Some can be black or white or red or mixed. They are larger than regular squirrels. Very pretty too.
Check out Brevard, NC on the website. They have a white squirrel festival. They are very common in that area of Western North Carolina.
Yes...In Goodhue, MN
YES. it was creepy as hell. We called it the albino squirel and it hung around the courtyard of my highschool.
yea there are a lot of them in Georgia... that's how they raise them there... weird huh?
Yes - at Devil's lake in Central Wisconsin.
I haven't, but albino squirrels do exist, as they do in every mammal species. Pictures here:
If this is a serious ? then yes. There is an albino squirrel that lives in the tree next to my grandparents house. They feed them so they can keep the white one around.
yes, and while they are few and far between, they are not always albinos, there are several sightings as well as taxidermy mounts recorded in the last several years in upstate ny, quite unique critters at that.
Years ago, at my grandfathers.

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