Saturday, January 16, 2010

Have You Ever Seen A White Squirrel ?

Olney IL. Is Known As The Home Of The White Squirrel.Have You Ever Seen A White Squirrel ?
I thought it was Newton, or is that the county.

I lived in Mattoon for a while.

Kool little buggers. If you get unlucky and run over one its a 500 dollars fine too.Have You Ever Seen A White Squirrel ?
No,but a friend of mine saw one at her neighbors house several years ago.I live in Ohio,and we have a lot of black squirrels,and right now I have a dark brown one with black feet and tail.It is so pretty.
I saw white squirrels in Washington DC. They were from light brown to bright white. So cute!
I've seen them on tv and maybe at a zoo, but I dont think I have in person.

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